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Why Are Unit Studies a Homeschooler’s Best Friend?

How Does Using Unit Studies Help The Teacher?

I will just come out and say it.

I. Love. Unit. Studies.

My kids!! Love unit studies!!

I haven’t met any one that doesn’t!!

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What is a Unit Study?

In my post, The Importance of Unit Studies in Homeschool– I talk about the reasons I love them.

“But just to name a few:

First, We learn all of the time.

Second, I have learned things about my children I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Third, I get to learn too!

Fourth- is that we get to learn what we want.”


So, I am going to talk about points 2 and 3 specifically.

I have learned things about my children I wouldn’t

have otherwise

In the Unit Study environment, you learn what your kids already know-

the capacity they have to learn-

and what they actually want to learn!


You learn their interests- and even some of your own interests!

You get to choose what you wish to learn,


Your kids help with that choice. They are empowered.


You can make everything themed. Everything an All-in-one Experience.

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I get to Learn Too!

I have always loved to learn.

And I have found even more passion, learning with them.

Seeing their eyes light up.


Since I am the “preparer” of sorts, I get to learn as I prepare.


I learn as I “teach” or rather, provide an opportunity for learning.


And I learn from my kids, as they learn.


They make connections.


They see a different side of things.

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I have created an Entire Curriculum, for K-6.

This curriculum includes Math. Science. American History (soon to be World). Writing. Vocabulary. Critical Thinking.


It is for grades (or levels) K-6.

Easily adaptable for younger, or older grades.

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You can buy the months individually, or sign up for our monthly subscription and save $!! 


Buy the pdf version, or the print version!!


Each month has a State, President, and Science.


See the schedule for 2019 below:

The outline for the rest of the year: (Shipped the month before)

January- Polar Bear, George Washington, Arizona.

February-Heart, John Adams, California.

March- Penguin, Thomas Jefferson, Oregon.

April- Plants, James Madison, Washington.

May- Bees, James Monroe, Idaho.

June- Rainforest, John Quincy Adams, Utah

July- Desert, Andrew Jackson, Nevada

August- Ocean, Martin Van Buren, Wyoming

September- Clouds, William Henry Harrison, New Mexico

October- Leaves, John Tyler, Montana

November- Farm, James K Polk, Colorado

December- Christmas, Zachary Taylor , Texas


About the author:

Hey! I am Sarah Bean, and I am a Christian Homeschooler with 1 Amazing Husband and 2 Beautiful Kids. Here at Raising Human Beans we hope to help Homeschool moms in all facets of life. Learning, Eating, Loving and Living! We want to share our passion for Christ in the ways we live, and Learn through everything. And I hope something we say, helps you on your Homeschooling way.