Why You Should Get out of That Classroom!

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We all want to have successful homeschools. However, when we first begin, most of us have no idea what a homeschool is supposed to look like. We are used to the school model. Children at desk with scheduled classes and mountains of textbooks. We think education requires long hours studying and taking tests. The ever growing homeschool curriculum industry realizes this. They create curriculum that recreates school at home. However, school and education are two separate entities. You can get an education at school, but a school does not guarantee an education.


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The Broader Picture

Education is a process. The process sometimes requires textbooks and teachers. It is never on a set schedule though. Also, it should never have an end point. Completion is never the goal of education. School on the other hand, is a finite length of time with a specific path. Imagine if you never learned anything new once you graduated! You would probably have to work very hard at that, in fact.

Because education is the goal of homeschooling, we need to look beyond the classroom. Homeschooling years are also an entire childhood. We can spend it getting ahead, keeping up, and checking off boxes–or we can spend it building memories. There are certainly lessons that must be learned. There should also be time to learn what can’t be taught in books.

What’s Your Reason

There are so many reasons to go beyond the classroom walls. I promise you, you will never regret that you did. The classroom is a place to grow roots and lay foundations. It has its place in a good education. However, outside the classroom is where you grow wings. If you need some more reasons to get out of the classroom. Or if you want some ideas of what to do outside your homeschool classroom, be sure to check out my post, 5 Reasons to Get Out of Your Classroom!