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Do You Struggle with Homeschooling?

Hi, I’m Jennifer! With a decade of homeschooling experience, where I learned everything the hard way, I am on a mission to help every mom who wants to homeschool succeed and thrive! Homeschooling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s my passion to empower YOU to have the homeschool of your dreams without burning out.

The Homeschooling Made Easy Plan

The Homeschooling Made Easy Plan was built for you! Think of it as everything you need to know about homeschooling packaged up with a pretty bow, so you can give your children the best education in less time, for less money, and with so much less stress! Build the homeschool of your dreams without wasting hundred of dollars or years struggling to figure it all out!

We'll help you make an informed and confident decision. It's the first step to a successful and thriving homeschool!

Build the homeschool of your dreams easily without burning out. Give your children the education they deserve from day one in less time, for less money, and with less stress!

For those who are ready to thrive in their homeschool and save thousands of dollars while providing unparalleled education for their children.

What Clients Have said

"Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge about homeschooling; from lessons to regulations she knows it all. I am so excited to have found her and her programs, I was a very nervous first time homeschool mom and she has calmed my nerves multiple times and given me direction. If you are thinking of homeschooling or do homeschool I highly recommend you connect with Jennifer as she is a great resource to have."
Stephanie S.
New Homeschool Mom
"Jennifer is passionate about coming up with a unique plan for you and your child. She listens patiently and helps you to remember to keep perspective on what is important. She helped me not only get a better idea of different styles of home schooling but then worked to help me embrace what I chose for my son. Moreover she’s got such an encouraging kindness and offers a ton of resources. I couldn’t be happier with her help and I recommend her to everyone. Even if you are not homeschooling but perhaps just looking to help your child at home I think she could be beneficial. I recommend booking a call with her to discuss your needs so she can uniquely help you!"
Anita M.
Prospective Homeschool Mom

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